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Jayne Spenceley.


Health & Wellness Coach

Jayne is a forty something year old, single mother of two, living in Sheffield (a city she adores) and is a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

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Boosting your motivation & energy

One on One Coaching is for you if you want to improve how you feel, you know it’s time to change but don’t know where to start.



For happy & healthy eating

A tailored approach to your individual needs that will create a life long change towards eating happier and healthier.



Group-led programme for wellbeing

Looking at health and wellness challenges such as nutrition and healthy eating, weight loss, and managing stress.

Hold the vision, trust the process


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

Supports you to have the body you want and the healthy lifestyle to support it


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

It's the difference between falling off the wagon again and finally getting the results you want


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

Helps you find what's right for your unique body and your unique life


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

It's the difference between I want to do it and I did it


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

The best gift you could ever give your mind, body and soul


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

It's the difference between knowing it and doing it


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

Makes it easier to follow through with what you know you should be doing


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

Stretches you through compassionate support to achieve goals you never dreamed possible


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…

Helping you build healthy habits that align with how you want to feel each day


Jayne Spenceley’s Coaching…



What do I do as a health and wellness coach?

I help people to become happier and healthier by assisting them to make positive lifestyle changes.



Who do I work with?

I work with people who want to create changes in areas of fitness, nutrition, stress, weight, body image, health recovery and overall wellbeing.



So, how does it work?

It’s all about you. I work alongside you, and together we get very clear on where you want to go, why it matters to you and how you want to get there.

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