So yesterday I didn’t realise that feeling fabulous had become the new normal, until I slept in right up to the point when you have to get up.

I rushed, I felt un present and it took me till late afternoon to feel properly grounded and back in the flow of ease and time.
It takes 5 minutes a day, YES just 5 minutes in a morning to create a conscious connection to yourself so life experience becomes more meaningful and satisfying.

Try these exercises below to prioritize your health and wellbeing and feel your connection to yourself

:MOVEMENT: 5/10 minutes stretching…. This will not only benefit your body, it will also free up stuck or stagnant energy within and put you in a state of more ease and flow.

BREATH: Spend a few minutes (I call it taking 5 to thrive)
paying attention to breath. Take deep conscious breaths to release your body’s pent up tension , it only takes a few breaths to shift mood and perspective.

GRATITUDE: Pick 3 things every morning you are grateful for and feel the energy of them for a few minutes. Gratitude is so powerful because it boils down to love and appreciation and when we are appreciating a thing/person/experience we are focused in a way that aligns with the highest vibration >>LOVE>>

Have a blessed day