•  Inspire your life NOW with this 90 minutes on line workshop via zoom

 Cost - donation based:  Date Sunday 7th June:  Time 10.30am/12pm:  More details below

1. Get clarity on which areas of your life you want to boost with an injection of inspiration. I'll take you through a simple process to help you feel very connected to what matters most to you

2. Release stagnant energy and recharge at cellular level with some transformational breath work which will clear the space for you to connect with any intention you bring into this. You will feel re-energised from this alone and it will do the work for you.

3. Unleash the magical You that KNOW's what to do with a powerful meditation for intuitive knowing. This can bring you reassurance, guidance and answers you couldn't think up from the mind, as you connect more fully with who you are.

4. Come back into your now feeling reconnected, energised and recommitted at a deeper level to what is true for you.

You're doing the best you can in these circumstances - own that. 

However, if we tell the truth many of us are also experiencing some challenging emotions and it can be tiring coping with constant uncertainty.

Missing your family and friends and suffering from a lack of structure, a loss of sociability and a loss of normality, which can leave you feeling flat, demotivated and disconnected.

This 90 minutes workshop brings you an opportunity to lean in and tune in to what you value the most and disregard the rest. It's an invitation to give your mojo a boost of inspiration for daily life NOW  

It's beneficial to be aware that no one really knows what they're doing or where it's all going right now. Waiting for the answers to come from someone or somewhere outside bigs up levels of uncertainty and builds stress.

It can be tough to keep on top with an inspired and hopeful heart.

When you pause to reassess, reconnect and realign to who you are and what is true for you, your inspired heart shines bright, new creative thoughts emerge and your energy levels rise.

This is real self care and self honouring time  which is the invitation of this workshop

The workshop will take place via Zoom online meeting. When you click to book you'll be taken to a cart with the suggested price of £5 - please note you can edit this price for your donation if you wish. You'll receive the link to the workshop and a reminder email before the workshop. 

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Thank you for Intuition session and Meditation evening. I had no idea what to expect. Following your guidance I brought two things to mind I wanted to do and on Wednesday I got on with one, with none of the usual dithering, indecision or putting off.

The next thing I brought to mind in the session was something which had been difficult to manage. (I can't remember how you described it). Following your guidance I suddenly saw the person it related to was very small, like looking down on them from a plane, with sea lapping round them and over them. My intuition said that this issue was tiny, just a speck in the ocean, and it did not deserve the thought, energy or magnitude I had put on it. 

That has been absolutely liberating, and made an issue at work now completely manageable. Amazing!

Overall, I just wanted to say how amazing relaxing, yet energising the session was, and what a great difference it has made to me afterwards.

Thank you Jayne

Best wishes Liz.

Liz North

Occupational Therapist