That’s a staggering 86,400 calories!  OMG! This is in nearly 9 months of what I averagely drank per week in wine and although it was definitely over moderation, it was not at a really serious or alcoholic level.

I am not usually one for counting calories. In fact I find that stuff pointless. However, the two reasons I did this were, firstly; I had to add up some accounts and I wasn’t in the mood, I thought maybe adding up my saved drink calories on drink aware might get me in the mood for adding up; Secondly, and more importantly, when it comes to a long lasting lifestyle change of any kind sometimes we need a dose of motivation.

There are some points where we can forget why we started what we did. We may be vulnerable to temptation or slipping back and if we do it is not a disaster, a failure, or a full on relapse, it’s just a blip. However, for me I have others who I feel a responsibility to and if their Coach slips, then that doesn’t feel too good to me. It feels like I would be letting them down.

Also I now like the idea of having a soberversary (1 year without drinking!) and that date is not so far away, this gives me a goal to reach.

At this point though, I was feeling an urge to let go of all life’s pressures. I felt like getting out, letting my hair down, dancing, maybe losing track of time and talking about things with no depth or meaning for an evening. The only way my brain relates to doing this, is drinking wine and having that perceived sense of fun.

When these kind of thoughts start to slip in, it is the time to reflect on the benefits that have occurred so far. For me in my area of lifestyle change the benefits have been huge

Improved mood generally (though I have now got used to this, so it feels my new normal);

Better sleep;

More energy;

Better skin;

The flattest stomach I have had in years;

More mental focus and less brain fog.

Screen Shot 2017-02-20 at 16.32.54

There is though nothing bad or wrong about moderation or letting your hair down once in a while, but for me it’s about something different now, something bigger. I want that soberversary and I want to assist others in the best way I can, without judgement. And it works for me!

So my message, when low motivation kicks in, is when making a lifestyle change is to remember the big “WHY” what it meant to you and why you started it. Reflect on how the benefits outweigh the costs for you, and as ever, have or find people in your life who support you and get you.

This doesn’t just apply to cutting back on alcohol but it could be in any area of health and lifestyle change.

If you slip, pick yourself up, do not judge or criticise yourself as this will make you so much more likely to relapse back into old ways.

Please get in touch if I can assist you with motivation and support in lifestyle change.