Cravings are normal and everybody has them.

Cravings are hankering after a certain food and usually a craving is not part of our healthy diet.

There is nothing wrong about indulging in a craving, it can be good for you, it can sometimes make you feel good.

The problem can be when a craving strikes too often and prevents you from reaching your goals, spoiling your results and the worst one. Feeling bad about yourself.

The other problem can be sugar addiction, which is a very addictive substance and due to how it works chemically with your mind and body, you are very likely to crave more both physically and mentally, if sugar addiction is present.

Another thing to be aware of with cravings is if it is a cover up for something else, such as stress, boredom or loneliness. If so, then the challenge is not really with the food cravings.

So what to try if there is a craving challenge in your life.

Firstly, give it a bit of loving attention, as in don’t fight it, feel bad about it, or try suppress it. Acknowledge it and accept it.

This will lessen the craving’s grip on you.

For sugar, then you can replace a sugar habit with a healthier option and you will start to train your taste buds away from wanting sugar.

If you are craving food due to tiredness, then the nutrients that you want to be replacing for tiredness, are phosphorus/chromium or sulfur. These nutrients can also work on sugar cravings too.

See below for some ideas:​​​​​​​
  • Plain Yogurt (phosphorus)
  • Home made smoothies (yogurt /milk/protein powder)
  • Cinnamon (regulates blood sugar and minimizes insulin spikes after you have eaten)
  • Half a banana, cut in half longways, sprinkle with cinnamon and crushed nuts
  • Nut Butter ( Stabilizes blood sugar and provides sulfer, which as a bonus prevents sagging skin, related to ageing)
  • Dates (Can even stimulate the growth of friendly bacteria in the gut)
  • Sweet Potato (Natural sugars are released into bloodstream and won’t cause blood sugar to spike)
  • Vanilla ( scented products reduce the need for sugary snacks, try a candle and add some natural vanilla extract to drinks and healthy snacks.
Cravings related to stress/boredom or loneliness

These kind of cravings need tracking and to be given your loving attention. Remember, feeling bad about yourself, or beating yourself up only leads to more of the behaviour you are wanting to change.

Look for patterns. What were you doing when the craving strikes?

Is it a certain time of day (likely to be tiredness, or going to long without food)?

Can you identify any sources of stress related to cravings (maybe your job)?

Are you bored?

Is it connection with another person or sociability that you are really wanting, rather than food?

Are you filling a feeling?

What can you put in place to train your brain differently?

Distraction tactics.
  • Go for a walk
  • Have a bath
  • Call or meet a friend
  • Read a book

Anything relaxing that you enjoy can really help and putting things in place that deal with the emotion, rather than the craving, can help to solve the main problem here.

These can be overwhelming and people often need some support with these types of cravings for a while, especially if it is about changing something else in your life as well.

If this effects you and you are feeling you want to make a change, contact me HERE for a free discovery call and to help you make a plan that fits into your life and works with who you are and what works for you.