Most of us have two voices, or maybe we have many more but most of them will come from two places which are the higher self or the ego self.

The trick is to know which voice to listen to and be guided by. Below are some of the differences that will help you to know the difference.

The voice of your highest self can be hard to recognise as it will be so calm, clear and centered, you may not believe it’s you. The voice of the ego, however, often has a sense of urgency to it, it’s highly impatient and there’s often some drama attached to it. Learning to  to recognise those thoughts of urgency and taking a pause to slow down can bring instant calm and a new response which has a feel of ease to it.

One of my best higher self-thoughts of the last decade was this one “Why do you need to be so bothered about logic when you have access to the deep silent knowing”. This thought expanded my whole being and was quite life changing. I was struggling to try to write something and make it sound logical.

My brain was hurting, and I’d lost hours trying to do this. When this new thought came through it was so clear, so calm and totally changed how I do things. Now if I find I’m struggling with anything,  I stop, take a moment to think lightly about the issue, then I let it go and drop into the silence within. An answer will always emerge and it’s often one I couldn’t possibly ‘think’ up from the mind.

Being honest though, I also forget to do this sometimes as I’m too busy listening to the urgency of the ego voice which tells me this must be solved right now. Dropping into the silent knowing is something I need to remember to do time and time again, especially when I feel rushed, busy and have a lot on my plate.

The voice of the higher self is always a compassionate one, especially towards others. It will remind you that there are always reasons why people behave the way they do, and even if you have been treated inappropriately this reminder will give you a detachment from taking things too personally.

The ego prefers judgement and self-righteousness, so watch out for those thoughts that say a person is this or that, because they’re probably many other things as well.  Watch out for the thoughts that tell you why you’re right and someone else is wrong. Look for where you’re unmovable in other words where it’s this way, that way or nothing else. Look in-between the black and white thinking as this is where you’ll find more creative answers and some inner peace.

The ego will always look for the quick hit and the short-term gratification. The higher self knows there is no rush and sees more of the long-term benefits. The ego wants to feed itself, whereas the higher self wants what’s best for you long term and your highest good, so beware of short-term gratification thoughts and see if you can take a pause to shift them into the thoughts that support long term benefit, if this is your goal.

Creativity and intuition are aspects of our higher self and these are aspects that can rise above the either/or solutions that the ego self brings us. The higher self thinks in ways that are beneficial for the all and it sees a better path. The ego thinks in ways that serves itself. Learning to hear the voice of the higher self is a good thing for relationships and prevents a lot of drama.

The higher self can set clear, compassionate, non-negotiable boundaries, it knows there are times to be compassionate, wise and immovable. The ego self can be flaky and change it’s values to suit itself or other people.

To get used to hearing the higher self-voice look for qualities of calmness, clarity, compassion and don’t dismiss what doesn’t seem logical, remember the higher self is very creative and sometimes creative thoughts don’t sound like your own thoughts, yet these are the ones you definitely want to explore.

To find your higher self-voice means to get silent. Take a pause, stop, breath and ask for what you’re most needing in that moment, then listen.

A regular meditation practice is one of the best ways to get connected with your higher self. Even ten minutes a day makes a difference, as it expands our awareness and teaches us how to access the silence that brings the guidance and reassurance we are most needing in that moment.