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An interview
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Certified Health & Wellness Coach

This page features the highlights of a recent interview with Jayne. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch.

What do you do as a health and wellness coach?
I help people to become happier and healthier by assisting them to make positive lifestyle changes.

As a certified Health and wellness coach, I follow a scientifically proven program which works with you on your mindset, self-belief, behaviours and habits in for you to make your desired health and wellness changes.

Who do you work with?
I work with people who want to create changes in areas of fitness, nutrition, stress, weight, body image, health recovery and overall wellbeing.

My coaching programme helps you to create a healthy combination of physical, mental, emotional and social wellbeing.

How Does That Work?
It’s all about you.

I work alongside you, and together we get very clear on where you want to go, why it matters to you and how you want to get there.

This starts with where you are now, we prioritize what matters most, and then we work out the “how you get there” in great detail. Obstacles and challenges are discussed, and strategies to overcome them are developed.

Realistic and well defined goals are then put in place for you to move forwards to your desired change.

Every step of the way I am there to guide and support you.

Do You Prescribe Plans?
No. As a coach, I don’t create a plan for you and say you have to do this or don’t do that. I work with you to build your own plan and I support you as you put it into action.

However, I do make suggestions and referrals when appropriate. I can assist as an expert in other areas such as healthy eating, Pilates, and meditation if that is right for you. But an expert and a coach though are two different things and I only offer advice as an expert if it fits with what you want and need.

I also offer group coaching where a group of people work on a challenge that they all share.

What Would Make It Successful For Me If I Came To Work With You?
I work with a powerful coaching methodology that helps you find, within yourself, the motivation it takes to initiate, sustain and maintain change. The plan is congruent with who you are, what works for you and how it fits into your life.

You choose how you move through the process, giving you the freedom to own and enjoy the process. This helps you build confidence in your ability to make changes and create new healthy habits. It is an enjoyable process that makes sure you will not want to go back to your old ways.

Is It Easy?
No not always. Even good changes can be uncomfortable.

However, with me as your coach you have guidance, support and are never judged.

I always see you as complete, creative and resourceful, no matter what, which is where the magic happens.

What Are You Like As A Coach?
As your coach, I work for you. My only agenda is your agenda. I require you to look long and hard at yourself, to acknowledge your strengths, to build on them and confront your fears.

I have a compassionate approach and give you unconditional positive regard at all times. I ensure all our interactions are respectful.

Is It Like Therapy?

We don’t work on fixing the past. Coaching is about moving forward with a clarified vision and a co-created plan in hand.

I help you hold yourself accountable and follow through with that plan. It’s about vision, planning and accountability.

Why Do People Use Health and Wellness Coaching?

People who use and benefit from a Health and wellness coach usually feel the following feelings when it comes to making a change in their health /fitness/wellbeing:

  • A lack of motivation or confidence in what they want are wanting to accomplish for themselves.
  • A feeling of overwhelmed (it’s too hard)
  • A lack of clarity (not knowing where to start or what to do)
  • Procrastination. (I will start, tomorrow, next week etc.)
  • Frustrated and alone from trying many different food/exercise plans that have not stuck
  • Stuck in negative cycles of feelings and actions.
  • Not having enough time. (They need help to empower them to take care of themselves and manage their time differently.)

For example, a person who feels negative about themselves for being overweight, finds release from the negative feeling in overeating which makes them feel worse. This can lead to a lack of self-belief in their ability to change and feeling stuck. This cycle can also happen in other areas such as alcohol consumption and stress.

Is It Confidential? Is it for me?

Yes it’s 100% confidential.

Is It For Me?

I offer a FREE 40-minute discovery call via phone or skype, for you to discover how I can help you and if we are a good fit together.

What do you have to lose?

What Will Happen When I Come To Work With You?
When you decide that I am the right person to help you, we will work together to set up agreements on how and when.

This could be via telephone/skype/in person, or a combination.

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
It really depends on your wants and needs.

For our first time working together, there would be a minimum of 6 sessions. This is needed to really understand where you are starting from, what you want to achieve and for you to realise how you will get there.

After this I offer flexibility for more sessions, including individual one off sessions for problem solving.

How Much Does It Cost?
It varies. From free, to hundreds of pounds.

It all depends on what is needed and for how long.

The first step is completely FREE. The FREE 40-minute discovery call, after that you might decide to sign up for an initial six weeks of coaching and maybe then take it even further, it is all up to you.

I’m Not Sure If I Can Afford It, And I Have So Much Going On Right Now!
This is normal, Lots of people say this to me. Having reservations is natural and doing something unknown can be scary.

Working with a coach is an investment in you. An investment in being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live. What value do you place on being the best version of you and having the confidence to make long lasting lifestyle changes and good health.

That’s why even though I am a coach myself I still invest in a coach for me too!

An investment of a relatively small amount of time and money now could mean a payback of a happier and healthier lifestyle for the rest of your life.

I offer a range of options to suit different needs and you can try before you buy with my FREE 40-minute discovery call.

Why Do You Do This Type Of Work?

I love working with people and I always have.

I find great joy and satisfaction in helping people to become happier and healthier. It is a great honour to be part of that process. I think as humans we all suffer from the same things. The circumstances may be different and the level of suffering may be different, but we all feel the same emotions and each and every one of us has had difficulty in some areas of our lives, where we may lack clarity, confidence or feel stressed. We all have different strengths and areas where we are more challenged. I think this makes us all the same at the end of the day. I know how hard it can be changing something in your life, on your own, in an area of struggle. I have my own coaches to help me in areas of my life which are not my highest strengths and in Wellness which is my own passion and strength I help others.

I think your coaching could help me, can i contact you with more questions

Yes of course, you can email me at