2019… Doing it differently for a long-lasting lifestyle change

So here we are the beginning of a brand-new year and if your still alive you made it! How wonderful is that?
All around you right now there will be the “New Year, New You” hype. People will be stating their goals, the gyms, exercise classes, and weight loss clubs will be full to the brim.

I want to invite you to take a step back from all of that, because what I see year after year is that it only ever lasts till March at best for most people.

They jump into taking actions when they haven’t really thought about what they want, where they are now, and if they’re ready for those changes. They start motivated but quickly lose that motivation.
For sure, get back into your normal healthier routines in January that were already there before Christmas, throw out the left-over junk food, and get back to whatever exercise you were already doing. The bigger changes though need more thought, more preparation, and therefore January is the best time for sitting back, reflecting, reorganising and redirecting yourself with an updated self-image of who you want to BE.

The person who CAN achieve that goal, the person who WILL give themselves permission to do that thing. The person with a Plan B, so that when life gets in the way and slip ups happen (and they always do!), then they will know what to do without falling back into old habits or giving up.

Let’s start with the big “WHY” as this is something you need to be deeply connected to so that the thoughts that you think and the feelings that you feel inspire and motivate you to take the actions required to get there.
You can’t be vague about this, you need to feel excited about why you want what you want. Take some time and write out your most inspiring reasons why you want this, and your reasons need to make you feel so good that you can’t wait to get going.

Think and write about how you WANT to FEEL and what difference this feeling would make to your life.
Tap into your desires, your dreams and look at what matters most to you. What do you value most in your life and does what you want actually align with what you value?

Give yourself permission to let go of all those thoughts and beliefs that have stopped you in the past because in your new NOW, which is right NOW, those things no longer serve you. This a new time that you’ve never had before. Feel into the energy of that, the freshness, the newness and the present.

This is where we create the “new me” thing. How can anybody really be a “new me” without some self-reflection and some identification of what needs to be let go of in order to be that “new me”.

Getting clear on a realistic yet inspiring vision of what you want and what you can commit to letting go of gives you the BEST start as it activates your inner motivation which is much more powerful that anything external.
This is something I do with every client, it’s called the Well Life Vision Plan and it’s the foundation of a really game changing plan that makes long lasting changes and makes desires a reality.

Assisting you to find your deepest why and making an action plan that fits into your life and is aligned with what matters most to you is one of my biggest joys because I know the difference it can make.

There are two ways I can help you do this right now. You can download my 4 step Process Thrive HERE which gives you the next steps to do to make your vision a reality and also helps you with challenges and obstacle that come up along the way.

Or if you are really ready for a massive change then you can email me HERE right now for complimentary Well Life Vision Planning Session and you can book a session to get you a motivated and inspiring clear plan together. You wont regret it, believe me!