Pilates coaching… One to one, in groups
Or in the workplace.

One on One Pilates Coaching


Pilates coaching designed around you:

One-to-one pilates coaching for people who ned or want specialised tuition.

Available as single or block sessions

Pilates in the


Flexible workplace pilates.

Our Pilates sessions in the workplace are available in long or short term blocks.

Ideal for the health and wellbeing of employees.

Helps to prevent neck/ shoulder/ back/ hip pain and reducing time off work.

Group Pilates Sessions


For small, medium or larger groups.

Group Pilates sessions are available in the Sheffield area.

Please contact Jayne for more information.

Pilates Testimonial


Joe Dean; Professional Golfer.

I am a professional golfer competing on the Europro Tour and Challenge Tour.

Since starting Pilates with Jayne, I have found that my core strength, stability, balance and general day to day movements have improved dramatically with less aches and pains after a round of golf.

Pilates Testimonial II


Maryjoan Foster

I have been attending your pilates class for a whole year now.
When I first attended in May/ June 2014 I was still at the tail end of 2 1/2 years of much induced rest,stillness and quiet time to support a recovery from Chronic Fatigue.

My muscle and skeletal tone were, not surprisingly quite weak.
Weakness in sustained movement and weight bearing activities, with tirdeness being an outcome of a small amount of such activity.

Your Pilates class has supported a steady improvement in my muscle tone and skeletal strength, also my sleep.

I find your careful attention to the different levels of ability very helpful. Always being sure to give options1,2, and 3 in the pilates practice.
It did mean that I never felt out of my depth in your class, even when I was continually on option 1.

Pilates has given me a very good understanding of the importance of my core strength. The slow movement of pilates has given me time to observe what is happening and then, I have been able to apply it as I go about my day to day rountine(s)
Each week’s practice builds on the outcomes of the previous week, I know I have greater consistant all round strength as a result of attending your classes regularly over this last year.

Also because of the slowness of movement and attention to one’ s breath pilates can be experienced as a meditative practice.

I am so glad I choose to come along to your class for I do feel so much weller and stonger, physically and mentally.

Pilates Testimonial III


Rosemary Bollands

I had previously slipped two discs in my back and was suffering a lot of pain.

I thought I would never be able to do Pilates but with Jayne’s support, and expertise within 8 weeks I was without pain and my core strength andflexibility has improved beyond anything I could have imagined

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