Have you always exercised? Was a question I got asked recently

My answer ‘hell no’

I used to Hate exercise with a capital H, really I did and it came from school and Physical Education, all that stuff we were made to do which made me feel not good enough, inadequate and an association with exercise that looked like this: exercise = school sports = feel shit = belief I hate exercise.

Obviously, something changed and what changed it for me started in a field alongside many crazy happy people, dance music and a vibe that made me feel high as a kite. I had just discovered the new rave scene and I frigging loved it!!

That was it, every weekend in some dance club or a field, different cities dancing intoxicated for hours. It was the highlight of my entire life every weekend I was fully involved and wanted more, more, more. It was also one of the unhealthiest periods of my life, not that I cared at the time. I was young, happy, free, and loving it.

Just to be clear, I discovered a love of movement intoxicated and dancing to dance music and my unhealthiest habit eventually turned into my healthiest habit, it’s quite paradoxical but I really learned something I want to share with you.

After doing this for some time, come Wednesday, I used to get twitchy at my desk job (yes I know!! desk job, I can’t imagine that now). I needed to dance, I needed to move, I needed that high from movement, but it would have been highly inappropriate to rave mid-week somehow, plus it really wasn’t happening mid-week.

What to do instead, I was so bored, so twitchy and irritated by every Wednesday which would last until I finished at 5.30pm on a Friday.

In comes the mid-week Dance Aerobics, I decided to give it a try to see if it could scratch this mid-week itch.  It was harder than I thought for sure. However, the only exercise I did outside raving was a bit of swimming here and there. I had to motivate myself a lot to do that and it felt like chore after work, so there were many times I decided not to bother.

The dance aerobics worked much better, though I still had to push myself to do it at first. I noticed I felt a lot better afterwards too and that was my motivation to do it. Once a week became twice a week and if I didn’t go I felt a lot worse for not going, no matter how tired I was beforehand.  I know now this is a sure sign of a good habit builder for exercise, when you feel worse for not going, that’s major progress.

I tried a few different types of dance fitness classes and I got into it without really realising, then I went off to travel round America for a while.

It was near the end of my trip to America when it was nearly time to come back I felt a bit of panic as I asked myself “What am I going to do when I go back”.

I had no idea but knew I absolutely could not go back to a clerical office type job.

Then in a flash of inspiration the REAL question came “what do you love to do?”. I felt so expanded and excited by that question and the answer was clear – dance aerobics! “I’m gonna go home and I’m gonna train as a teacher”

The rest is history, and it put me on the path to teach dance fitness, which eventually led to mind, body work, then meditation and eventually wellness coaching. I have had to heal a lot of contradictions and addictions in myself along the way too.

The weird moral in this story is how I found a healthy lifestyle, through intoxication and raving in clubs and fields!  That is where I discovered what I never knew before, I actually loved to move.

Here’s what I believe to be true, in every single unhealthy habit you may have, all the stuff you do that you may feel guilty about, beat yourself up doing it maybe because you know its not good for you and you still do it, so you feel bad about yourself. Within all that is an essence of something else.

It’s an essence of something we all crave and that’s why we don’t give up our bad habits easily, because somewhere within them there is this essence of something else that we want.

It’s through the discovery of the essence in the habit that transformation happens. I have never given anything up in my life, I have transformed it into what I want it to be.

Within the intoxicated state of raving was the love of movement, that was the essence. I took what I loved about it, put it somewhere else and eventually dropped the rest.

With my binge drinking habit, the essence that I wanted was the sociability and fun. I eventually dropped the binge drinking and found the sociability and fun in other ways that did not have to include binge drinking.

When I was overweight (yes I was), I found ways to transform the unhealthy food into a healthy version without going on some quick fix diet or getting obsessed with calorie counting. I did the diets and calorie counting stuff first a few times though, which is how I learnt differently.

None of it’s overnight and it’s a journey of self-discovery into the very best of what you want it’s transformation, done your way and it’s so life changing in many ways to do this through self-discovery. You own it, your health and your happiness it depends on nothing outside of you and you do not have to conform to anything that your told to do or should do, when you discover YOUR way

This is what my one to one coaching helps you to find, your way of transforming into your best, through the discovery of yourself and what the essence is that works for you, it’s right there you know, looking at you in any unhealthy habit you may have. If you’re ready to find that, reach out to me and let’s talk.

Right now, I am working on a group on line high vibe healthy lifestyle plan that transforms mind and body into it’s best version. It’s taking a lot longer in reality to get it finished and ready for people to join than I thought it would in my head. I keep having to stop and do some inner work on myself as I develop the course. But I know that it’s going to be a life changer for people, because it’s not just about the content, it’s absolutely about the energy that carries the content which is going to be the game changer and why it’s taking so long to finish.

I’ll sign off now with a quote that relates to what I have been talking about “If you examine your motive for doing anything, you’ll soon discover that your reason is that you believe it will make you happy”. Chris Prentiss, the addiction cure.