Well that was fun!  I discovered a new level of meditation on holiday just by doing ten minutes a day early morning by the sea.

I can honestly say, I have never felt so alive, so calm, full of clarity and a new level of inner peace.

I wondered if it could be to do with nature and being outside, so today off we went into our local peak district to do some meditation there.

We went to a little stone circle, not far away.  My partner informed me to be careful of snakes!!!! So, I was a little disturbed already!

The stone circle was full of cow crap, though peaceful so being careful where I sat I closed my eyes and began to breath.

It was indeed an exhilarating experience of feeling the wind, being aware of the stillness around me and I quickly got into the observer mode of just watching my thoughts pass through my mind, without getting attached to them. I was there in meditation.

It is such a blissful experience to be in a place of no thinking, not worrying about anything, or planning anything.  Just a few minutes of this a day can regenerate and revitalise the mind, body and soul.

It’s not about clearing the mind as many people think it is. It is about noticing when the mind goes off into thought and bringing it back to the breath or sensations in the body, time and time again.

Practicing this is what enables us to control our focus in everyday life, so we worry less, stress less and have a more joyful everyday experience of life.

As someone who meditates at least 5 days a week and teaches it to others I am quite experienced, though there is always further to go and meditating outside is giving me a different experience and different distractions.

There are the thoughts around doing it publicly, people seeing you, disturbing you, maybe they will think you are mad or weird.

There are new sounds and new sensory experiences.

The one that did get me today was a rattling sound… I noticed that I noticed it and once I started to think about it my mind screamed “SNAKE”…

Oh dear meditation lost… In jumps the mind with fearful thoughts, but it could have been true. Luckily my intelligent logical partner was nearby to inform me snakes don’t rattle in this country, it was a grasshopper…

Phew, back to meditation… Though not before I had noticed flies around the cow crap nearby me.  Hmm, now I am not as willing to settle back into stillness and all you need to be is willing… but I was only half willing, so I only got half the experience of what I am capable of.

However this is how it works. It is like a muscle that has to be developed. It takes a bit of time, effort and willingness. The results are subtle and then one day you realise you feel much better for doing it and you start to see the benefits in your life such as handling the harsh stuff becomes easier because you can let go easier. You realise when you are overthinking too much and how exhausting it can be and you realise you don’t want or need it, so you let go of the bits that you don’t need.

You realise you are calmer and communicate better in relationships, so they improve or you experience a new depth of connection with others that is more fulfilling for everyone .

Your productivity increases as you are able to focus your mind in a more direct way to what you are doing or what needs to be done.

You need less sleep.

Your health improves, as you hold less stress in your body.

It really is worth it. It gets easier, it gets better, it becomes as routine as brushing your teeth and you can use it in all areas of your life.

Anyway my meditation today came to a natural end when a friendly, loving dog found me, another new experience.

Love and Wellness