Simply put because one size does not fit all.

My one to one Coaching plans are not prescribed, why?

Everyone wants to be happy and healthy and I believe everyone deserves to be too.

The question is what does happiness and health look like to you?

Do you think you would be happier if you didn’t have this situation or that situation in your life? Maybe you would, or would life just be a bit easier and you’d still feel the same?

Do you think you would be happier if you had more discipline, more time, less stress, felt better about yourself, had more fun, better health, a smaller nose, thinner legs, a stone lighter, living your life purpose, more in control, physically fitter?

I hear this all the time.

It’s often not that simple, or just one thing that might need to change to make a difference.

Sometimes these are the things that people BELIEVE will make them happier. I have met many people who think when they look better, all their life problems will go away and unfortunately it’s not true, it’s just that they have attached everything to looking better. Yet when they do achieve their goal of looking better, they find out they feel just the same as they did.

So what lies beneath the surface? That’s what I want to know about you, because I can see you are a creative, interesting, resourceful person with your own unique talents and strengths

I want to find out what those are and how you can get them to work for you to reach your goals, or fulfil your desires. I want to help you take full advantage of them in the life you are living right now, because everything begins in the NOW.  And the NOW is where we will use those strengths and talents you have, even if you’re not yet aware of them, to really understand what it is you want and how to get there.

I could give you an exercise program and a diet that will get you results of getting physically fitter and losing weight

I can tell you how to meditate,

I can tell you to do this to reduce stress,

I can tell you to do that to make more time,

I can tell you lots of things that would probably solve some of your problems, if you can do them.

But how do I know it’s going to work for you?  Will you do it? Will you want to do it? Will you stick at it?

I may make some suggestions, but really I want to know who you are, how you work, what is the best way for me to work with you is, and that it works for you.

I want to know all the little complicated details of your life and I want us to lay out those sneaky little voices in your head that stop you from doing/being out on the table, in full view. For example those voices might tell you that “you can’t do that” or “who am I to…”

I will never judge you, we all have them (I even have a name for mine).

Most of all I want to know what you want and what really floats your boat, makes you feel alive, and like jumping out of bed every morning excited about the day ahead.

I want to work with you on “how” this can be brought into your life on a regular basis and help you build the habits required to be what you want to be so you will never want to go back to the old you.

If you are not doing this already in your life, then I want to help you discover your “thing” or help you to remove whatever is stopping you doing it.

When those things are discovered, it’s SIMPLE! It really is and I can show you how!

Once we have discovered our “thing” then we want to do it, we are motivated from inside ourselves, which is much more powerful than any motivator outside ourselves.

No two people are the same, so why would a coach treat you the same?

What works for a long lasting life style change, is working with WHO you are and HOW to fit that into your life, in a way that feels so good and has so many other positive benefits in other areas of your life that you are going to do it for life.

This is why I don’t give prescribed plans in one to one coaching!

Together we make your own.

I have the questions, I have the insight, I’ve got the expert training, I will give you support and accountability all the way, but YOU are the one who has the answers because you are the expert of your life, no one else.

If I can help you with anything, lifestyle related (weight loss, diet, stress reduction, fitness, nutrition and healthy eating, meditation, wellbeing and happiness) please get in touch for a FREE discovery session, to see if you are ready and if we are a good fit together. EMAIL ME

Love and Wellness