I love the mastery of meditation that Luke Skywalker shows in this movie. He goes to battle with a baddie when really he is sat on a rock elsewhere meditating, so he can’t be killed. How cool is that?

I believe George Lucas took some of the teachings of Carlos Castaneda when he brought the force into the Star Wars movies.

The force is an energy field present everywhere and flowing through everything. Some people are more sensitive to it than others, though it is available for anybody who takes the time to be still, meditate and connect to it.

Keep reading, I have just the thing to help you connect to that force, so that you can have an adventure and make some unique and individual changes that will help you feel your best, function in your best health and look your best.

When we take this time to connect to the force within we cultivate internal energies that bring out our personal power so we can change our reality easier from a place of inner peace and centeredness from inside ourselves. This is true empowerment as it comes from within.

What a great time to connect to this natural force within us as we come into a new year where many of us have fresh energy for change and feel motivated to reach new goals that will improve our health, wellbeing and life.

Everything changes and if we don’t change we get left behind, life moves on and we just get older. “You can’t stop change anymore than you can stop the sun setting”. Another Star Wars quote.

So what would you like to change this year and can you connect to the force already within you and make it an adventure rather than a chore?

By starting with yourself and accessing the force within you, you will live your most fulfilling life as when we function at our personal best and our force becomes stronger for the positive, new opportunities show up everywhere and we are of most benefit to other people.

How exciting is that?

Here is my 2018 gift to you a transformational meditation which you can read more about HERE and download to make 2018 the year that you own yourself in your own uniqueness of your best happiness and health.

One last Star Wars Quote “Your focus determines your reality”

Love and Wellness

Jayne “may the force be with you” Spenceley