This Is Me…

Living my own vision of what I believe is a healthy life for me

Hello there!
I’m Jayne…


Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

I’m a fifty something year old, mother of two, living in Sheffield (a city I adore) and I am a Certified Health and Wellness Coach.

Studying and becoming a Health and Wellness Coach has given me the knowledge and the tools to help people make long lasting lifestyle changes. However, this qualification is just one aspect of who I am and it has been my own 20 year journey that has given me the wisdom of getting healthy, fit and well even if this journey has been a little messy at times, I’ll explain on this page.

I’m a people person.


Getting joy from seeing people move forward.

I am definitely what is known as a “people person”. It really floats my boat to feel connected to others, which is why I have always worked directly with people, from teaching dance and fitness classes, teaching pilates and meditation (which I continue to this day), and coaching. I really do get great joy from seeing people move forward in what they are wanting, or needing, to accomplish in their lives to move better, feel better, be healthier and happier. I feel honoured to be part of that process.

In my personal life I really enjoy spending time with like minded people for good conversation that inspires me and makes me laugh, I enjoy spending time socialising with friends in many different ways, and I am amazed by my kids unique qualities and who they are. I also enjoy a deep and meaningful relationship with my partner, though it’s not particularly conventional that’s fine and it suits who we both are as individuals. This fits with my belief that to live a happy, healthy, and fulfilled life, we need to work with who we are, rather than what we have been told to be or to do. Part of this is discovering what works for us and what we can work with to enable us to make the lifestyle changes that get us our desired results and which are long lasting.

A healthy life for me.


Keeping mind, body & soul active.

These days I live my own vision of what I believe is a healthy life for me, though I know there are still a couple of tweaks I would like to make, but this is part of my life time journey.

I exercise most days and I have discovered my way of having a healthy clean diet that I stick to without feeling deprived of anything most of the time. I meditate daily which helps keep my mind clearer and more focused. I also finally and happily gave up drinking alcohol last year!

This has all taken me 20 years of self-discovery, throughout most of which I lived like two different people. My life was a complete contrast between wanting to be healthy and actually being healthy, and balancing this has taken a lot fo energy, and sometimes a lot of hard work.

I have been overweight at times, which I didn’t feel good about, especially being a dance and fitness teacher. I was stuck for a time in the cycle of emotional eating and this eventually led to an eating disorder. That was not fun. But the process of healing this was my first step in understanding the power and the need for feeling self love and worthiness.

Scary times of change.


Reasons to feel uncomfortable with myself.

I was also a raver for a while. I would dance in fields and at clubs all night and take recreational drugs. It seemed like great fun at the time, but it does get messy and your moods start to be all over the place. Through this time I learned of my addictive tendancies and now this has become a strength that I am able to channel into other areas to work for me, not against me.
I have experienced many scary times of change too. I got divorced and foudn that most weekends when the kids were with their father I had no responsibilities, and the party animal re-emerged in me. I started going out again and this time I came to love drinking wine, and this became binge drinking. I didn’t want to give up my wine, I saw it as a reward and a release but felt it didn’t match my supposed healthy lifestyle. I didn’t give up the wine and chose instead to live with the nagging thoughts and feelings that I was behaving in a way that was not congrugent with the rest of my life.

These feelings got too much when I moved further into studying and practicing in the areas of meditation and wellness. I hated the misery and hard work of trying to drink wine in moderation and it never seemed to work well at the weekends after the second glass. And this gave me more reason to feel uncomfortable with myself.

My lightbulb moment…


Learning lessons in life.

Then something changed. It was a lightbulb moment, and a realisation that I could not move forward in the work I wanted to do and also feel like a fraud. This was when I gave up drinking completely. It has been a huge lifestyle change for me but a very positive one and I channel this energy so that I can still anjoy going out, partying and socialising but in very different ways now. There is no deprivation, I don’t do deprivation.

I have learnt profound things, over and over again, in the area of lifestyle change. These lessons in life have also been backed up in a scientific way through the coaching model that I use and I would really like to share with you.

Positive lifestyle changes.


It’s my purpose to assist others.

Self judgement, self criticism, and beating yourself up doesn’t work. I feeds negative cycles and actually blocks change. Even positive lifestyle changes can be complex and scary things and having support and accountability work wonders to help you through change and make changes last. What works for one person, may not work for another, it is really important to find what is right for you and not judge yourself for making that choice. You might feel judged by others but behavioural change has many different stages andif others judge those changes it’s not your fault no matter what anyone else says. You can move foward no matter where you may be now, I know this. Long lasting lifestyle change needs self discovery and sometimes we will slip up and that’s okay too, it isn’t a failure.

It is my passion and purpose to assist others in making the changes they desire so that can life happier, healthier lives in a way that suits who they are and can fit in with what is already working or has to be maintained in their current life.
If you are still reading this and something here resonates with you, then please get in touch.

I promise you there are no judgement from me and I would love to hear from you and assist you in making your own desired lifestyle changes so that you can have the kind of happy, healthy and fulfilled life you want.